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Composite RCA - HDMI Converter

Convert a composite RCA cable (Audio white / Video yellow) into an HDMI lead input for your TV. 720p or 1080p.

  • £39.95


RCA/Phono to HDMI Cable Converter

This product is ideal for use with Gardenature cameras where you wish to connect to an HDMI input on your TV.

If you need to convert Phono /RCA / CVBS cable outputs (Yellow-Video & White-Audio) to an HDMI input 720p /1080p source on your TV then this is the device for you.

So many new televisions do not have sufficient Scart or RCA phono inputs for you to use your accessory items that have A/V leads, well now you can!   

CVBS to HDMI Converter instructions: 

Plug in your composite A/V leads (White & Yellow) from the camera, Connect the (supplied) 5volt Mains plug to the convertor, connect an HDMI cable (optional accessory) select 720p or 1080p (button) as required, and your all done. 

Tip: Your camera still requires the original 12v mains power supply to be connected, be careful not to mix this up with the (supplied) 5v mains for the HDMI Convertor.

 HDMI Converter Kit includes:

  • CVBS to HDMI Converter
  • DC5v/1amp Power Supply
  • User Manual


An HDMI lead is offered as an additional option when you click the BUY button.

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