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Industrial Strength Black Tack Putty

This incredibly sticky putty is an invaluable extra in any Trail Camera users toolbox, it will stick your camera in some really unusual places!

  • £9.99


We'll let you into a little secret the pro's use... this unique putty fixes Cameras almost anywhere! It's also useful for sticking foliage to your camera or security box to really make it blend in...

But how sticky is it? Well, TV crews use this to fix GoPro cameras on the TT racing bikes! We'd always recommend some insurance layers of tape where possible or a safety tether but it's damn sticky yet removes clean and leaves no residue.

Black Tack never dries up, is weatherproof and re-useable, although care should be taken to avoid dust and dirt. Black Tac is manufactured to a secret recipe (beware of less sticky competitors' cheap imitations) and is tested in temperatures from -29°C to 100°C.

Supplied in a protective liner to avoid dirt pick-up prior to use. 

Pack size: 1 strip @ 100cm x 2cm x 0.2cm.

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Michael Arnison
09 Apr 2020
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Susan Lane
12 Jul 2020
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Excellent. Very strong.
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