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Gardenature Bird Box Camera System. Flat Roof - Ultra High Resolution
Multi-species cedar bird box fitted with a CCD 700TVL Sony Effio Camera. Can be used as an open fronted nest box. 2 year Warranty.
  • £129.95
Gardenature Bird Box Camera System. Side View - Ultra High Resolution
Fitted with a 700TVL CCD Sony Effio Camera offering a unique side-on view of the nesting chamber and entrance hole. A real winner!
  • £135.95
Gardenature IP Camera Bird Box System - Flat Roof
SKU : SKU: GN-IP-NB03-10
Nest Box with IP Camera System. Live HD video. Watch and record on IOS & Android devices. Optional Cable lengths 10 - 100m
  • £149.95
Composite RCA - HDMI Converter
Convert a composite RCA cable (Audio white / Video yellow) into an HDMI lead input for your TV. 720p or 1080p.
  • £24.95
Gardenature Kestrel Box Camera System
High Resolution Mini Eyeball Camera. Kestrel Box with removable perch, sturdy back plate for optional mounting. Handmade in the UK
  • £166.99
Yukon Advanced Optics Futurus 8x40mm Wide Angle
SKU : TJ-BIN-YU-22038
The new Yukon Futurus range of binoculars mix ergonomic design with rugged good looks.
  • £69.95
Yukon Advanced Optics Exelon 3x50
SKU : TJ-NV-YU-24101
The Exelon 3x50 is a light weight monocular which has a 50mm objective lens and 3.0x image magnification.
  • Was £289.95
  • £249.95
Yukon Advanced Optics Sideview 21mm
SKU : TJ-BIN-YU-22141
The Yukon Sideview 8x21 and 10x21 binoculars are renowned for being compact and extremely light while still delivering superb optical performance.
  • £47.95
Yukon Advanced Optics Futurus 50mm Range
SKU : TJ-BIN-YU-22031
The Yukon Futurus range of porro prism binoculars combines ergonomic design with rugged good looks.
5 versions available including Wide Angle from £69.95 - £99.95.
  • £69.95
Gardenature Wired Camera Kit - Ultra Hi Res
Ultra High Resolution CCD 700TVL Sony Effio Camera kit. Outstanding image quality, perfect for sheltered habitats and bird box projects.
  • £88.99
Pulsar Expert VM & VMR 8x40mm Range
SKU : TJ-BIN-PUL-72081
Pulsar Expert binoculars feature a non-axial construction which has proven to be a reliable design. 8.0x Magnification with a 8° Field of View and three switchable viewing modes
  • £199.95
Yukon Advanced Optics Solaris 50mm range
SKU : TJ-BIN-YU-22201
The Yukon Solaris waterproof Binoculars have been designed with the ability of being able to multi-task, combining optimal optical and operational characteristics.
  • £89.95
Yukon Advanced Optics 20-50x50 WA
SKU : TJ-BIN-YU-21014
The Yukon 20-50x50 WA is an extremely versatile, lightweight general purpose spotting scope offering a powerful 20.0x to 50.0x zoom magnification range.
  • £84.95
Yukon Advanced Optics Heavy Duty Table Tripod
SKU : YU-29014
The Heavy Duty Table Tripod is a strong and robust mini tripod making it ideal for securely holding heavy optical equipment.
  • £36.95
Yukon Advanced Optics 100X & X LT
SKU : TJ-BIN-YU-21031
The Yukon 100X and 100X LT are revolutionary high magnification spotting scopes with the pioneering feature of having two optical channels
  • Was £319.95
  • £298.99
Seek Thermal Reveal XR FF
The Reveal XR is designed for long distance thermal detection, boasting a detection range of up to 275m and a 20° field of view.
  • Was £489.95
  • £419.95
Seek Thermal RevealPRO FF
The RevealPRO is a powerful handheld thermal imager, with a 320x240 thermal sensor, 32° field of view, and 550m detection range.
  • Was £729.95
  • £639.95
Swann 4 Channel 3MP HD Digital Video Recorder & 2 x PRO-T858 Cameras
SKU : WVS-SW-DVR4-4750
This compact, easy to use CCTV system is capable of monitoring & recording video from up to 4 cameras. perfect for a more permanent wildlife watching system.
  • Was £399.99
  • £249.99
Spypoint Force 20
The new FORCE-20 Trail Camera has a 20 MP sensor, the highest megapixel rating of any Spypoint camera and comes with a free 16GB SD card and reader.
  • Was £129.95
  • £119.99
Guaranteed Saturday Delivery Supplement
SKU : SAT Delivery
£5 supplement for guaranteed Saturday delivery
  • £5.00
Spypoint Mounting Arm
Spypoint Mounting Arm - Camo. 360 rotatable & tilt (approx +/- 90) for accurate adjustment.
  • £29.95
Gift Vouchers
SKU : WV-GV-£25
Wild View Cameras Gift Vouchers. Available in multiples of £25.
  • £25.00
Energizer Industrial AA LR6 Batteries | Box of 10
These high powered AA cells are single use but long lasting when used in compatible devices.
  • £4.50
3 in 1 USB/iOS/Android Card Reader
With lightning connector for iOS devices; Micro USB connector for Android devices; USB connector for PCs/Macs.
  • £13.99
Spypoint LINK-S
Spypoint deliver the LINK-S, using their leading Cellular Technology with an innovative solar panel.
  • Was £539.95
  • £499.95