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SKU WV-LTL6210MC+940

Ltl Acorn 6210MC PLUS

The Ltl Acorn 6210MC PLUS trail camera is the upgraded version of 6210MC and 6310 series trail cameras.

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  • £144.99

If you need something with all the great features that Ltl Acorn cameras are renowned for, but a little more robust for harsh environments then the Ltl 6210mc PLUS with an IP68 weatherproof rating is the camera for you.

This popular wildlife trail camera from the Ltl Acorn range offers HD video recording at 1440 x 1080 with audio, 12MP images, IP68 weatherproofing and an SD card capacity of 32G.  The 6210MC PLUS trail camera has a drop down forward facing LCD screen which makes camera positioning very easy as you can see exactly what the camera lens is "seeing" whilst your setting it up.

Often known as a wildlife camera, game camera, scouting camera, hunting camera or wildlife camera trap - this device is also used extensively for cable free, video security surveillance in remote areas where connection to mains power is not possible or practical such as fly tipping hot spots or other locations where anti social behaviour may be a problem.

Thanks to the built in covert (940nm frequency) infrared array, it can capture video footage or photos in complete darkness (colour footage during the day, black & white at night) and will only do so when motion/heat change is detected using the 3 built in motion/heat sensors.

The 6210MC PLUS wildlife trail camera has 3 heat sensors. 2 of these are known as side sensors or prep sensors, they cover a total range of 100 degrees.  So if you imagine drawing the letter V with the bottom point being the camera lens and the V having a 100 degree angle then you start getting a feel for the area that the sensors will cover in front of the camera.

The third (and most important) of the 3 sensors is the central "shooting" sensor.  This sensor has a V of 35 degrees.  The camera will only actually record a video or capture an image when this sensor is triggered.  The side sensors act to prepare the camera in advance of the central shooting sensor being triggered.  The reason for this is so that the majority of your videos or images will begin with the subject fairly central within the camera view.

All 3 sensors are heat sensors.  They take the ambient air temperature and if they notice a different heat signature that's what triggers the camera into action.   For example, it's 15 degrees outside and a human or creature with a body temperature of much higher than 15 degrees moves into the sensing area then the camera will come alive!

Please note, with the wide angle lens version (6210WMC PLUS) the entire 100 degrees is the shooting/recording area.

Time lapse & other features:

The Ltl Acorn 6210MC PLUS has password protection, 32G max SD card storage, time & date stamping, timer recording and even a time lapse feature that allows you to tell the camera to take a shot/video at set intervals regardless of whether any movement has been detected (you can use the time lapse feature in conjunction with the standard motion detection triggering or completely on it's own without any recording triggered by movement).


There are 2 built in Timers so, should you wish to, you can set the camera to record only between certain hours of the day/night.

The amazing thing is that this feature packed trail camera comes in a palm size casing of just 14cm x 8cm x 6cm!

We have produced a quick start user guide to enable you to get this camera up and running quickly, you can download it here. The full user manual is available here.

Photo and video examples taken with this camera

  • Photo Resolution: 2M / 5M / 12M 
  • Video Resolution: 1440×1080 / 1280×720 / 640×480 
  • H.264 Video Format 
  • 940nm Infrared Range – 12m maximum 
  • Up to 6 months “in the field” time with 12 AA batteries (dependent upon quality of batteries used, how the camera is set up, how busy subject area is etc). 
  • SD Card Required (32G max) 
  • 2 Built in Timers 
  • Time Lapse Function 
  • Power: 12 x AA batteries (Energiser Lithium recommended or 2500mah or more rechargeable batteries)
  • Audio Recording 
  • Password Protection 
  • SD Card Cycling 
  • Date & Time Stamped Recordings 
  • Multiple languages for on screen menu 
  • Built in 2.5″ LCD Screen 
  • IP68 Weatherproof Rating
  • Super Moisture Proofing of PCBA & components during manufacture process.

    Box contents
    • 6210mc PLUS Camera - Camouflage colour
    • Tree/post strap
    • Instruction manual
    • Wild View Cameras Wildlife Camera setup guide
    Country of Origin: China

    2 reviews posted

    peter collins
    26 Dec 2018
    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.
    Good points:
    Solid and pretty straightforward to use after a few attempts. Picture quality is all I need - both night and day.
    Bad points:
    Set-up disc didn't work so needed a telephone call to 'support'. Guy was helpful and it didn't take too long to get things going.
    Perhaps an 'on/off' switch on the exterior for ease of access (appreciate it's probably on the inside to keep weatherproof but this can be overcome.
    Was this review helpful?

    Eddie Cullinane
    14 May 2020
    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.
    Good points:
    This product is great, picks up sound well and picture quality very good also.
    Batterie life is amazing
    Bad points:
    Night vision is incredibly blinding for the first 1-2 seconds then you have missed what triggered the camera, but then the picture is very good.
    This camera is very fiddly when it comes to putting in the batteries and the setting up also too bitty.
    Was this review helpful?

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