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Gardenature Bird Box Camera System. Flat Roof - Ultra High Resolution

Multi-species cedar bird box fitted with a CCD 700TVL Sony Effio Camera. Can be used as an open fronted nest box. 2 year Warranty.

  • £129.95

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A high quality bird box with camera delivered to your door, ready assembled, simple to set up with easy instructions. This top of the range 700TVL Sony Effio video camera with light sensing infrared (IR) night vision provides outstanding colour images during the day and black & white images at night. There is also a built in microphone so you can hear as well as see what is going on.

Very easy to set up and hours of fun for everyone!

The Camera

This Sony EFFIO CCD Ultra High Resolution 700TVL (TV Line) Camera has been designed specifically for use with Gardenature camera nest boxesand feeder camera kits. This truly outstanding bird box camera uses an intelligent Sony Effio DSP Chip which operates with a Super Light Sensor to cleverly adjust the image quality to suit its environment. Not only this, the Super Light Sensor also serves to adjust the x10 infrared night vision LEDs to a graduating on/off, gently supplementing loss or gain of natural light levels with an invisible IR. The result of this outstanding technology is that we can now produce ultra high resolution colour images in full light of day and sharp black and white images at night. This high spec mini camera also houses a highly sensitive microphone so you can hear as well as see what is going on at the birdbox or bird feeder. This great little camera has a 3.6mm lenswhich produces a 92 degree viewing angle. The lens will have been pre-focused to the correct position but it can very easily be adjusted to suit different applications.

The Bird Box

This multi-species garden bird box offers you a top down camera view of both the nesting chamber and the nest box hole, a really popular box for capturing all of the action. Handmade in our UK workshops using only the highest grade PEFC certified Western Red Cedar (responsibly sourced) this bird box is good quality, durable and great value. This cedar nest box does not require any preservative treatment as the natural oils within the wood will protect it against the weather conditions, but if you wish to paint the nesting box please use a water based solution. The roof fits into a slot in the rear panel preventing rain from entering the nesting chamber, this is easily removed via two screws allowing access to the camera. For ease of cleaning out at the end of the breeding season the complete front section of the nestbox can be removed. This garden nest box box incorporates a removable front centre panel which has been pre-drilled with a 32mm entrance hole. Also included are optional hole reduction / protection plates 28 & 32mm, making this nest box suitable for the widest range of garden birds:

• Blue Tits
• Coal Tits
• Marsh Tits
• Great Tits
• House Sparrows
• Robins & Wrens (centre hole panel removed) 

Camera NestBox Kit Contains:

  • High quality cedar bird box with integrated sliding drawer and quick release camera bracket (Camera can be moved between boxes)
  • Ultra high resolution Sony CCD Effio Colour camera (700TVL resolution) with switching infrared illumination enabling 24hr viewing.
  • Integral microphone to hear as well as see what is going on.
  • User adjustable focus lens. Pre-focused but easily adjusted if required
  • (x2) metal hole protector plates (28mm & 32mm diameter - to help deter squirrels and other predators)
  • 20m of professional cable to plug straight into your TV.
  • Regulated mains adaptor
  • Fixing Kit
  • Scart Adapter (TV)

Instruction sheet full of useful tips to help maximise the chances of birds nesting in your new box.
1B-20M-IR: Choose cable length
Choose cable length: 20 metres

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