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Gardenature IP Camera Bird Box System - Flat Roof

Nest Box with IP Camera System. Live HD video. Watch and record on IOS & Android devices. Optional Cable lengths 10 - 100m

  • £149.95

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This is an IP (internet Protocol) bird box camera kit that allows you to easily stream live video and audio direct to your mobile or tablet device in just a few easy steps.

Now you can have the very best IP camera bird box live video images streamed to your mobile phone or smart device via an App. This complete Gardenature nest box and IP camera kit is specifically designed to to keep you in touch with your own wildlife TV anywhere anytime, all you need is a 4G or broadband network signal.


The Nest Box
Handmade in the UK from PEFC certified cedar wood, the bird box used with this nest camera kit is a multi species flat roof design which provides you with a live IP camera view of the nesting chamber and the nest box entrance hole.
  • Blue Tits
  • Coal Tits
  • Marsh Tits
  • Great Tits
  • House Sparrows
  • Robins & Wrens (with center hole panel removed) 

The Bird Box IP Camera System
This high spec IP camera also has a built-in light sensor which will gradually switch x10 night vision LED's supplementing loss of light with an invisible infrared, producing sharp black & white images in complete darkness for your 24 hour viewing. It is important to consider that when installing this type of IP camera into your own nesting box (or enclosed habitat) that it will deliver B&W images if there is not enough natural light. Our bird box IP colour camera has been primarily designed for use in Gardenature nesting boxes where it will produce HD colour images down to extremely low light levels but it is very capable of many other applications too!

Wired option
Decide where you want to place the IP camera then measure the distance back to your broadband router. Always allow a bit more cable than you need, when you know the required cable length select your desired length in the drop down box above and click the BUY button. This nesting box IP camera sends the 12v power down the weatherproof Cat5e cable through a POE Injector (included) which requires a mains socket close to your router, so there is no need for power outside. The network IP camera will need setting up via an App which is really quite simple to do, full instructions are included. Once done you can watch and/or record your bird box IP camera live from anywhere using your IOS or Android mobile, tablet device, you can even view on your home PC using a suitable software download.

Part Wireless option
These powerline plug-ins are a good alternative to cabling and a great way to stream high definition IP cameras upto 300 meters, but you will need to make sure outdoor and household plugs are on the same ring main. 

You can plug your IP camera cable into one Powerline adaptor ideally located in your garage or shed mains power socket. Next, plug the receiving Powerline adaptor into another mains plug where an ethernet cable can reach your router. It really is plug and play!  

Note: If you use these adaptors the supplied POE injector will need to provide power to the camera from the Powerline adaptor closest to the camera and not at the broadband router end.

Nest Box & IP Camera Kit Contains
  • 2MP Colour 1920 x 1080pHD Network IP Camera  
  • Professional Cat5e weatherproof cable. (Select Cable Length in the drop down box above)
  • POE Mains Injector 
  • Cat5e patch cable 0.5 meter
  • Nest box, camera ready
  • Bird box entrance hole protector plates 28 & 32mm
  • Installation guide

Select the desired cable length then click on the `Buy' button, you will then be offered optional accessories specifically designed for this Bird Nesting Box and IP Camera Kit.

Our cedar nest boxes do not require any preservative treatment as the natural oils within the wood will protect it against the weather conditions, but if you wish to paint the nesting box please use a water based solution. The roof section fits neatly into a slot in the rear panel preventing rain from entering the nesting chamber, this is easily removed via two screws allowing access to the IP camera. For ease of cleaning out at the end of the breeding season the complete front section of the nestbox can be removed. 

This garden nest box incorporates a removable front center panel which has been pre-drilled with a 32mm hole. Also included are optional hole reduction / protection plates 28 & 32mm, making this nest box suitable for the widest range of garden birds such as:

A quick release mounting bracket holds the IP HD camera in the optimum position, this also allows for ease of camera transfer between other Gardenature Nest boxes if required. 

This 2.0 megapixel IP nest cam features high tech processes like 'Starlight Imaging' and 'IR-Cut' filtering to deliver the best colour image in even the lowest light levels. This nest box IP camera cannot fail to impress with its stunning high definition 1920 x 1080p true HD colour images, far superior to that which we have seen from any other bird box camera on the market today! 

Other features you will love about this outstanding IP camera include things like a highly sensitive microphone allowing you to hear as well as see what's going on. We also achieved a perfect 92 degree viewing angle using a 4 mm lens that gets you up close to all the action, whilst maintaining high definition images covering the broadest angle without any distortion. We have already pre-focused the lens for use in a camera ready birdhouse but you can very easily adjust it to suit your alternative project applications if required.

Now you can have the very best IP camera bird box live video images streamed to your mobile phone or smart device via an App. This complete Gardenature nest box and IP camera kit is specifically designed to to keep you in touch with your own wildlife TV anywhere anytime, all you need is a 4G or broadband network signal.
Select cable length: 20 metres
Choose cable length: 10 metres

1 reviews posted

Craig Lindsay
29 Aug 2020
1 of 1 people found this review helpful.
Good points:
Great looking box, seems well made and was easy to set up. The camera feed is working and the positioning of the camera was easy to adjust. The fact that both power and video feed go through the same single cable is a definite bonus. It's now just a case of waiting for the local birdlife to take an interest.
Bad points:
Nothing major.

Personally I thought the single screw fixing looked a ittle flimsy for the weight of the box, so I drilled two holes and used longer screws than that provided. Easy enough to do though, and I accept I may be being overly cautious.

The software suggested by the manufacturers for viewing the cam feed seemed basic (especially for PC), but it's reasonably straightforward to find alternatives online that, for example, allow for motion detection eg TinyCam or I-Spy.
Was this review helpful?

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